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Kungfu Math contains many Singapore Math Games and quizzes. The games and quizzes are specifically designed to motivate the child and make it fun to learn math. Upon completion of each quiz or game, the child is rewarded with tokens which can be used to upgrade their pet avatar. This motivational factor encourages the child to do each math quiz to the best ability possible, as the more right answers they get the more tokens they will be rewarded with. Even if a child is weak in a particular topic, they will make effort to repeat the topic so that they can be rewarded with more tokens by doing better each subsequent attempt.

The following is a walkthrough of the games and quizzes for each grade:

Grade 1 Singapore Math Games

Grade 2 Singapore Math Games

Grade 3 Singapore Math Games

Grade 4 Singapore Math Games

Grade 5 Singapore Math Games

Grade 6 Singapore Math Games

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