What is Kungfu Math?

Kungfu Math is an online math education game that pours math lessons into an interactive game that can motivate your child to love Mathematics.

Kungfu Math is made in Singapore by former Singapore Ministry of Education School teachers by following the Singapore Mathematics learning method. Questions presented in the Kungfu Math game are based on everyday problems and connect topics with current events. Therefore, Kungfu Math focuses on the many uses of mathematics and helps students understand why they need to know it and also helps them apply mathematics to real-world situations outside the classroom.

Top 10 Finalists, Asiabeat 2016 Startup Battle @ Xiamen, People’s Republic of China

Kungfu Math characters


Dizzy the Dragon lives in the mountains of Kungfu Land. Every year Dizzy always flies quietly into the snowy mountains to stay cool


Robert the Penguin lives in a small snow house in the Land of Kungfu. You will never see a happy little penguin who likes to sing and dance in the snow


Lana the Rabbit lives in the secret palace of Kungfu Land. Lana is very kind to everyone and always helps people in need. So stay happy!


Sunny lives in the forest of Kungfu Land. Sunny is very loving and always preserving the surrounding nature. And also a philanthropist who always helps those in need


Lin the Tortoise lives in the Kungfu Land. Lin has magical powers. He always fertilized the Land of Kungfu with his magical blowing bubbles in the air.

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